Monday, November 25, 2013

Cronulla Fitness Instructor Shares Training Tips

Signs that you are Over training
Personal trainer Cronulla insists on providing the right ways of workouts to its clients, and makes sure that they don’t suffer from overtraining. Fitness training is the most effective way of keeping you fit and in perfect shape. But in the effort of attaining objectives faster, people often tend to suffer from overtraining.
For people practicing strenuous workouts, it gets difficult to figure out whether they are suffering from overtraining or their problem is common. Few signs of overtraining are as follows.
Muscle Soreness
Muscles tend to wear while doing workouts. And the rest given to body after regular intervals help your body in recovering from torn muscles. But should you notice soreness in muscles with pain, and the problem persists for more than two days, it’s the clear sign of overtraining. You should not ignore this and should immediately consult a doctor.

While practicing strenuous workouts, should you feel an intense thirst for water, and despite drinking water and other fluids, the thirst remains same, then you have become a victim of overtraining. Your body loses a lot of water through sweating, so it’s vital for you to keep you hydrated before, in the middle and after practicing strenuous workouts.
Dan Clay - Cronulla Personal Trainer Say's Don't Overtrain!
Psychological Problems
Sometimes the impacts of overtraining are not physiological, rather they are psychological. You might become a victim of mood swings, and might often suffer from anxiety, anger, depression, sadness and other negative emotions. 
You might also find it hard to concentrate on your work or any other thing requiring concentration. Personal fitness trainers in Cronulla suggest to allow your body to have complete rest under such situations. Strenuous exercises not accompanied with proper rest cause such situations.
Lack of Appetite
If you constantly feel like losing your natural appetite, it also can be one of the side effects of overtraining. Under normal circumstances, you feel hungry after workouts, because your body has already used most of the calories it had, and it needs to be fuelled again after workouts. But a lack of appetite means that your body is not functioning in a proper way.
Incessant Exhaustion
Personal fitness trainers in Cronulla contend that exercises accelerate the release of good hormones into your body and boost up your energy. Should you feel badly exhausted after your workout session, and feel as if you are just dragging you to go to home, it’s a clear indication that you have done overtraining. Due to overtraining, stress producing hormone gets released in your body and make you feel stressed and exhausted.
Easily Becoming Sick
If you easily catch cold and flu, it signifies that your body’s immune system is not functioning correctly. When bacteria and virus try to make your body ill, your immune system fights hard to resist them. But frequent cold and flu means that your immune system has become weak, and overtraining can be one of the reasons for that. 
Disturbed Menstruation Cycle
In women disturbed menstruation cycle can be one of the side effects of overtraining. Strenuous exercises not accompanied with adequate rest and diet might lead to such a situation. Cronulla personal trainers believe that women might suffer from delayed or stopped periods.